Help us to fulfill our big dream

#WeAreYoungBafana #YBArena

Our vision: Our very own facility

The YB Arena is supposed to be way more than a place to play soccer at. We want it to become the new and safe home for our players. A home, where we have the best conditions possible available to us to develop our players.

Now we are closer than ever: We found a fitting site and the initial construction plan (including a soccer field and a class room) is finished.

Now we need to finance the project

Together with all our supporters and sponsors we want to collect the necessary financial resources. If you or your company are interested in being part of this project, we are looking forward to hear from you!

One way to support us, is to become a Family Club member. Here you can learn more about the Family Club. As a sponsor you will also get the special possibility to own the name rights for e.g. our soccer field, the locker room or the education room.

Estimated date of completion: September 2021