Changing Lives

Young Bafana is a non-governmental organization, offering a holistic development programme for children from historically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa by means of soccer and education. Non-profit. 

Six Teams.

One hundred and twenty children.

One big family.

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Mission Statement

What are we fighting against?

  • In the Cape Town region there are approximately 2,5-3,5 million people residing in the townships.
  • Almost half of the adult population are unemployed and receive no government support, however, they have to come up for the basic needs of their families. Often, this supposedly hopeless situation leads to drug abuse and crime.
  • One in five South Africans between the ages of 15 and 49 is infected with HIV. There is a lack of wide-ranging educational opportunities, encounters with other population groups and sufficient medical care.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Our goal is to break the vicious cycle of poverty through sport and education and to boost cultural exchanges between the different population groups in the Helderberg region.
  • We accompany our players on their personal life path, get them off the streets as children and effect the best possible influence on their development as persons and athletes.
  • We create opportunities and promote each child individually. Together with you we increase the chance for a better future, free from poverty, crime and drugs.

How do we pursue our goal?

  • Learning necessary life skills (social and educational), through clearly defined academy rules in a professional environment.
  • An educational outreach programme including Mathematics and English lessons, increases the chances of tertiary education access and career opportunities for the children.
  • The coupling of school and sports achievements in the form of a periodic training plan, which monitors progress and development on a daily basis.
  • Scouting well disciplined children who have the desire to become football players.
  • The sharing of social values like team-spirit, discipline and respect, as well as medical support through soccer programs.
  • A multicultural team, in which we embody the positive role model.

Soccer & Education

Our children are aged 6-18 years.



Our soccer academy is divided into three sectors:
  • Performance teams

    The performance teams (U12, U14, U16) consist of well disciplined soccer players who come from the townships. All township players receive a full Young Bafana scholarship that includes clothing for matches and practice, nutrition packages after each session, transport and additional educational support and much more. There are 3 - 4 periodized training sessions per week and the players are obliged to take part in the educational programme.

  • School teams

    Since 2010 Young Bafana has been running a succesful private soccer programme at a local school (Beaumont Primary School) in Somerset West. In order to support the intercultural exchange there are regular events, where the school teams practice or play together with the performance teams. In this way the children from the townships and the children from the more privileged areas are connected by the means of sport.
  • Social Team

    Since 2010 Young Bafana's soccer training and home games take place on two soccer fields of Hottentots Holland High School. In cooperation with the high school a U16 social team was integrated in the academy in 2013. Youths with different backgrounds and from different cultures come together in this team to play soccer and have fun.


If you want to participate on the soccer field, you must join the education programme at Young Bafana.
Every player of Young Bafana is obliged to join the education program. Young Bafana offers Mathematics and English coaching as well as life skill training provided by qualified teachers. Moreover Young Bafana actively assist players aged 16 and older in finding job opportunities and career paths. Finally our education program has an impact on the socially weak of Helderberg region and contribute to socio-economic development.
The most important issues of Young Bafana is the individual development and the successful graduation - soccer comes second
Bernd Steinhage, Founder

Medical Treatments

Due to the outstanding support of the Nomzamo clinic in Cape Town our players receive general check ups through qualified doctors including eyes, ears, breathing, skin, heart, malnutrition and worms. A medical report is kept on a file of each player.