Keino Davids changes to the US

Keino Davids joined Young Bafana in January 2016 as a 16 year old boy with the aspirations of becoming a professional soccer player. However, he did not expect the path to the top to be so strenuous and tough.

Fortunately at Young Bafana all children are made aware of the fact that soccer alone is not a long term solution, and that education is a more reliable way to create a successful future. Hence the willingness and hard work both staff and players put into the educational programmes offered at the academy.

After successfully winning the league and cup double in 2016, Keino became even more intrigued by the idea of turning his childhood dream to profession. His coaches continued to preach the importance of education to him and so did his mother. At this stage Keino did not know just how important his schooling would be for his future. Having successfully passed Grade 11 and improving his marks even further in Gr 12 he was turning into a holistic scholar who excels both on the field of play and at school.

It was in 2017 that the idea of combining soccer with education would be seriously considered as the next step for Keino. Together with Athletes USA Young Bafana created an online portfolio and video for USA scholarship opportunities.

His application was successful and he is currently enrolled at Sheridan College in Wyoming, USA on a soccer scholarship

Keino is part of the first group of graduates to come through the Young Bafana development system, imagine what we can achieve in future!

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