Jojo & Ndondo: Two Stars in international Kindergarden

Jojo and Dondo were the first two “Raising Stars” beneficiaries of Young Bafana. Dondo was adopted by his uncle in 2015 after he lost his father in a gun related firearm incident.

Their home language, Isi-Xhosa rarely exposed them to the English language which is absolutely crucial for every South African child’s future, the earlier they start the better.

Their journey started when they were enrolled at Storksnest Kindergarten in Somerset West on full scholarships in January 2016.
Before January 2016 the boys barely spoke a word of English and were hanging around the Lwandle township every day.

Two years down the line they are well spoken and comfortable with the English language. Moreover, they conduct themselves in a positive manner and are extremely happy with the new friends they have made at Storksnest.

The school reports confirm the above mentioned facts and Young Bafana will continue to closely monitor the development of the boys.

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